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Roadie's Adventure

"Welcome to our festival playground! I'm so happy you are finally here..."

"We need your help!..."

"We planned this amazing festival and invited all the people but suddenly the instruments went missing..."

"Can you help us bring them back to the stage before the people getting to angry and throwing bombs at us?"

"Thank you so much!"


move: W A S D + Mouse

run: shift

jump: space

You are playing a roadie who is searching the missing instruments to get the festival started. There are four instruments hidden somewhere on the map. Find the instruments and bring them back to the stage before the crowd loses their good mood. 

This Project was created during a one week Gamejam with the topic: Drop beats not bombs. 

Hope you all enjoy playing this short adventure. Feel free to comment below :)


RodiesAdventure.zip 66 MB

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